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Founded in 2004, Gremes is recognized as a premier investment firm with a reputation for success. When we decide to work with a new company, we are fully committed and involved in all aspects of the business.

We focus on innovation, hard work and motivation and always have strict criteria for the selection of our next partners. We only invest in a few companies each year. This allows us to concentrate fully on those who we believe really have the founders, the team and the drive to succeed.

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Gremes Srl and its subsidiary Gremes Inc are members of renowned investor communities.



Investment Partner

Plug and Play is a seed and early stage investor. Plug and Play participates in the Seed, Angel and Series A funding. Through years of experience and as part of their network, Plug and Play has built a first-class network of serial entrepreneurs, strategic investors and industry leaders who actively support the company in its successful and growing investment portfolio.




The Band of Angels is the oldest organization in Silicon Valley that is still exclusively dedicated to financing and advising start-ups in their early stages. The band is a formal group of more than 100 former and current high tech executives interested in investing their time and money in new, cutting edge startups. Entrepreneurs can expect a thorough scrutiny and the occasional investment from some of Silicon Valley's most accomplished entrepreneurs.


South Tyrol, Italy

Co-Founder and Member of the Board

The tba network is a network for selected business angels that was founded in May 2018 and offers an important interface between founders / start-ups and leading entrepreneurs in South Tyrol and the Alpine region.
The tba network with its 18 members has a common mission: to promote innovations, to support start-ups with their know-how and network and to help them grow.

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Unser Portfolio

Die Gremes GmbH investiert in Startups aus ganz Europa, vor allem aber in jene aus dem Alpenraum. Die in Kalifornien ansässige Tochtergesellschaft Gremes Inc hält alle Investitionen im Silicon Valley sowie in den restlichen USA. Die Gremes GmbH weist somit ein breit diversifiziertes Portfolio auf.




The Viennese startup Schrankerl offers fresh and sustainable catering directly to companies via its own refrigerators. The refrigerators are refilled daily and employees can take out fresh food without having to order in advance. Billing is done automatically via the app with the help of sensors in refrigerators. Thanks to machine learning, the product range is automatically adjusted to exactly meet the wishes of the employees of each company and to minimize waste.

TBA Network GmbH



We see ourselves as an important part of the emerging startup ecosystem in the Alpine region. We support ambitious founders not only with venture capital, but also by providing entrepreneurial know-how and important contacts.

Our goal is to finance innovative ideas, contribute to the global scaling of early-stage startups and thus create a foundation for future generations of entrepreneurs




Where creativity thrives.

Through our platforms, Talenthouse works with the world's largest creative community of over 14.7 million members in 195 countries to produce and license the highest quality digital marketing and entertainment content for many of the world’s largest companies. 


By leveraging our technology, we aim to empower our global creative community to produce and monetise digital marketing and entertainment content at scale.




Mila is a platform for crowd services. On users can find, book and rate technically savvy people or offer their technical know-how. Some companies use Mila to build a service community around their products and services, while others expand their service offering through a host of verified individuals (Mila Friends) and professional service providers (Mila Pros).




XUND is an AI-based health assistant designed to improve the quality and accessibility of health care. By providing a digital interface between patients and the health system, we want to help save time and money and increase the well-being of all those involved.




inBay Technologies is a leading, innovative company for cyber security software and the first to offer trustworthy identities on the Internet without revealing access data. The company developed the idQ Trust as a Service (TaaS) platform, which enables users to trust the identities of the applications, services and websites they access, and which ensures that only authenticated users are able to access personal accounts access and authorize confidential transactions.




ClearAccessIP is developing an intellectual property management solution that supports critical decision making in patenting and technology transfer for intellectual property owners. Nicole Shanahan founded it in 2013 based in Palo Alto, California.




Eyecandylab enables content creators to create engaging and interactive AR experiences on video, fueling user engagement and monetizing it by uniting all devices into one seamless experience. The company offers a revolutionary AR solution that enables broadcasters and content producers to add an interactive component to their video content. By showing AR-enabled smartphones or tablets on any video screen, the interaction layer is superimposed on the core content, thereby harmonizing it into a unique, seamless experience.




Promaxo is an Oakland-based medical technology company that develops and commercializes customized MRI systems, as well as MRI-compatible robotics and machine learning-based technologies that improve patient lives and redefine the standard of care. Using proprietary technologies that are protected by more than 55 patents, the company brings the first MRI and robotic guidance system to the market for use in the office. Products in the pipeline include single-use items and an AI-based tissue characterization system.




Bloomyt is the first blockchain-based marketing platform that helps brands get more big data, feedback and engagement. Bloomyt drives sales! It comes from the creative minds behind Clairy - creators of innovative IoT devices that combine nature and technology to reduce and monitor indoor air pollution.

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x-alg is an innovative startup company that conducts research and development in the field of specific and innovative algorithms for the financial sector. Already holder of a registered algorithm software patent and with proven experience of several years, promises to become a niche leader in the international development and commercialization of innovative quantitative algorithms for qualified investors. Against the background of an increasing number of investment decisions, the algorithms are able to process large amounts of data in an automated and mechanical manner, so that you can get the most out of the largest possible investment opportunities worldwide. All of this in a global market context that comprised more than 56 trillion global financial assets in 2016, invested in the form of active management and the constant search for innovative and functional solutions.




Gamindo is a gaming platform where people can convert the time spent playing video games into donations to charitable organizations. They created a win-win-win-win business model where people can donate without spending, and by having fun, companies can both promote themselves and do a corporate social responsibility activity that nonprofits can without Collect donations and guarantee more transparency. Gamindo connects people, brands and nonprofits through video games. More precisely, it is a mobile app with Advergames, a special type of video game with an advertising objective, where users receive virtual coins after each game.




Briefcase Biotec develops KiloBaser, a Nespresso machine for DNA synthesis that enables cutting-edge research without detours. KiloBaser is a device for printing short synthetic DNA sequences. It enables individual scientists to easily produce the DNA they need on their desk and at the same time speeds up the production of the basis for all research and development in the fields of genetic engineering and synthetic biology.




Achelios Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical development company focused on advancing new product concepts through the 505 (b) (2) process to early clinical proof of principle, followed by asset sales (projects). Achelios has implemented a semi-virtual model for controlling costs and moving projects forward using its experienced team and external pharmaceutical experts and partners on call. This enables senior management to tailor project needs with the right level of expertise and / or key opinion leaders with influence at the FDA, academic medical centers and at the payor (insurance company / government) level to precisely match the needs of the project.




HiveTracker transforms the way that actors across the supply chain get real-time end-to-end visibility. The design of the HiveTracker cloud data exchange platform enables the tracking, monitoring and securing of documents, goods and financial flows in near real time. HiveTracker enables real-time monitoring of events, task management, compliance with product quality, end-to-end transportation, distribution and retailing, overall performance and forecasting with the help of business intelligence.




KYTO's strategy is to develop a specialized vehicle for early stage technology and life science companies. KYTO acts as a mentor, advisor, external manager and investor for carefully audited and selected private companies around the world.




Vitesy is the first manufacturer of air purifiers that are truly based on nature, technology and Made in Italy design. Our products use the power of systems to eliminate indoor air pollution. Flower vases that improve the room air remarkably through the combination of plants and special air filters.




Thrive Feeding develops and markets mivo, a device capable of monitoring baby feeding. With Thrive Feeding, health centers can monitor nutritional value, deliver remotely controlled medication, and use the monitor to keep medical records of babies. Thrive Feeding was founded by Elena and Brian Wadsworth and Kent Smith in August 2015. It is based in San Diego, California.




Geo Semiconductor is a semiconductor company providing video and geometry processing solutions. Products include Geo IC, a system-on-chip geometry processor for capture and projection light engines, Realta IC, an integrated system-on-chip image processor that enables a benchmark standard for video excellence, Tahoe Evaluation Board, which enables the evaluation and design of video systems with a geometry processor, and Niobe Evaluation Board, a reference platform for image processors. The company's products are used in projectors, DVD players, medical and military displays and video walls, as well as in signage, home theater and education systems and AVRs. It serves consumer, automotive and security markets. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Clara, California.




Pathover is API-based software that optimizes every step of the last mile, from demand and resource management to delivery logistics. Physical stores and online marketplaces can now be integrated with Pathover to automate the last mile process, saving time and money (71% average). Pathover's proprietary AI and machine learning technology provides merchants with the tools to fill orders quickly, balance load balance demand in all stores, and find the fastest, cheapest delivery options for customers.




Bantoa is a fashion social commerce platform where users can find a complete look outfit every day, created by the influencer community and ideal for every style and need, where every product is straight from the best online -Shops can be obtained. Bantoa wants to represent a new, exclusive and, by definition, closed fashion perspective that finally opened its style doors and broke the historical gap between fashion experts and end consumers. A web space where everyone can express and share their idea of style.




FairConnect provides related services for insurers, which in turn can pass benefits on to customers. The company serves some of the largest affiliated insurance programs in Europe, according to Palamon, and has a wide range of IoT technology and analytics.




Lumyer is a mobile application that introduces a new way of communicating with photos. The application enables its users to apply animated effects to their mobile photos and to customize and share them via the platform.




Joinedapp is a leader in conversational commerce, enabling brands and retailers to sell on messaging apps, connected screens and home assistant devices. With over 3 billion users, these are the largest unused sales and marketing channels in the world today. Our advanced AI-based platform generates additional revenue.




NoPassword, formerly known as WiActs, was founded with a mission to improve cyber security and user privacy by providing the most secure and private user authentication solution on the market. We believe that every individual and every company should be able to protect their accounts and information online, securely and intuitively at the same time.

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Proxy42 has set itself the goal of developing the best AR platform on a global scale that connects shared augmented reality worlds with the real world and fulfills the promise of multiplayer AR games and experiences for consumers anywhere on any device. Developed by the creative minds behind Father. IO, the world's first mobile AR game for multi-users.

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